Have you just finished playing tens of hours of Vampire Survivors or are just in the market for something similar? Well, there’s a lot of other roguelike games like it, and this list contains five titles that will surely satisfy that itch!

#1. Brotato

I’ve actually covered Brotato in a separate review, but including it in a list like this just felt right. The basic premise of the game is that you get to choose one of many classes to fight up to 20 waves of aliens. Each character plays wildly different from one another, and because of this, it has hours worth of replay value.

It also features an endless mode for those who want to challenge themselves and push the limits of how much firepower it can offer to you. It’s available on both PC and mobile, with the latter version being free but featuring microtransactions for characters.

#2. Soulstone Survivors

Possibly my favorite entry on this list, Soulstone Survivors is a fast-paced and chaotic game where you play the role of a Void Hunter, who faces an endless torrent of monsters that grow stronger over time. It’s insanely fun to play, and the only complaint I have with it is that the particle effects get too epic that you have to turn down the settings for better visibility.

There are a lot of other mechanics outside of a run that can enhance your capabilities, as well as more than a dozen characters to unlock. Players can grind materials across the varying maps, and these can be used to upgrade your stats or craft new weapons.

If you’re looking for something to play long-term, this title will have you covered, as there is also a very long list of achievements to complete.

#3. Robot Resistors

Robot Resistors features upbeat techno music and a sort of grungy post-apocalyptic aesthetic. It has a ton of unlockable upgrades and characters, which all have unique abilities ranging from screen-sized shockwaves to mobility-enhancing boosts.

Most weapons have to be aimed by turning your entire character in a certain direction or go off in random patterns. In addition to having a wide variety of enemy types, a boss will also show up after a certain amount of time has elapsed, and defeating it marks the end of that particular level.

Unfortunately, while I do personally enjoy its weapon mechanics, I feel like this would act as a deterrence for some players. If you can stomach it, however, it is quite an enjoyable alternative to Vampire Survivors.

#4. Spellbook Demonslayers

This entry feels like one of those games you’d see on a site like Kongregate or Newgrounds, and I mean that in a good way. It has a kickass soundtrack and incredibly simple controls, just like Vampire Survivors.

Spellbook Demonslayers gives you the option to aim either automatically or with your mouse/controller, which is particularly helpful for some spells, such as Tome Dust, which can be used as a very handy shotgun if you choose to operate it manually.

The game, which is apparently inspired by Path of Exile, does a good job of making you feel powerful right off the bat. You not only have a dodge mechanic that can be upgraded, but you are also very quickly bombarded with loads of other enhancements and new spells. There are also dynamic events, such as shrines that reward you for killing even more enemies within their range.

#5. Necrosmith

This one’s a little different, as it blends elements of strategy and reverse bullet hell gameplay. Rather than controlling a single character, Necrosmith, as the name implies, has players creating units out of body parts gathered all around the map.

Although you have the ability to manually control your undead warriors, the ideal thing to do is to keep making more of them to cover as much ground as you possibly can. Enemies will eventually start swarming your tower, which you must defend at all costs, and they’ll get much stronger over time. Because of this, you need multiple armies of skeletons, zombies, or other strange abominations both defending your base and gathering resources out in the wild.

It’s a nice change of pace from the typical Vampire Survivors formula, and fans of real-time strategy games will surely enjoy this one a lot.

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