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  • 5 Tips For Aspiring Streamers

    With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic keeping the majority of us indoors, a lot of gamers have taken up live streaming as a new hobby, or even as a potential career path. While I don't claim to be an authority on this specific field of content creation, I do have experience working in social media, and I've personally seen or even helped work on certain strategies that turned out to be ineffective in the long run.

  • 5 FPS Games With Fun Melee Combat

    I don't know about you guys, but I absolutely love using melee weapons in FPS games. Getting up close and personal to strike down your foes just feels so satisfying, especially when the combat system goes beyond just mindlessly spamming the left mouse button.

  • Top 5 Mass Effect Romances

    One of the series' features that many players enjoy is the romance system, which offers an additional layer of depth to each playthrough as pursuing someone opens up new bits of lore and character development. These five are some of my personal favorites!