Oh boy. It’s been almost three whole months since I last updated my blog, and a lot of things happened while I was gone, though I’ll only really talk about stuff related to the blog.

To start off, I’ll admit that despite being motivated at the time, I quickly spiraled back into being my anxious old self after publishing my previous update. In fact, it just keeps getting worse as this damn quarantine drags on. Not that I object to the idea, but our damn government isn’t really doing much to address the crisis, so this all feels so pointless. Anyway, let’s get back on track.

Three months is a long time, and I’ve gotten slightly better at managing my lockdown anxiety. While I’m definitely not completely fine at the moment, I’m feeling better than I did before (I mean, I wouldn’t be writing this if I wasn’t). Around halfway through May, I finally took the leap and built a new computer. I’ll be writing a separate article about that, but all you need to know for now is that it’s a huge upgrade that’s really helped with my freelance work, and as a result, I’ve had more time for leisure.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been playing some mainstream titles (e.g. VALORANT, Apex Legends, etc.) to unwind and overcome some of the stress from being stuck here and working overtime five days a week. With that, I’ve decided to also dedicate a small section of the site to game guides, starting off with tips for some of the more popular multiplayer titles out right now. This is something I’m already experienced in as someone who has written for an esports organization, and I’m carrying it over to my own website because I find these kinds of articles fun to write.

The main focus of the blog is still going to be game reviews, and I have a pretty damn huge backlog of indie titles to go through. The only bad news I really have is that some of my plans have changed. While I did mention in my previous update that I was gonna work on Rapidfire Reviews for ELDERBORN and Grand Guilds, as well as an article about Kingdom Come: Deliverance, I’m gonna be pushing them back a bit in favor of other reviews that I wanna write first.

Aside from that, I’ve also gotten into streaming on both Twitch and Facebook. My schedule is a mess at the moment, but feel free to follow my channel/page and hop on whenever I start broadcasting! I mostly play esports titles, but I’ll occasionally play some indie titles that I’ll be writing (or have written) about too. I recently tried to play Torchlight III on stream, but that… didn’t really end well, and it was the game’s fault.

Anyway, I’m back for real now, I promise. As of writing this, I already have two other articles in the works, but I won’t be able to publish them until this weekend as I still have some work to do. Expect some new reviews soon as well, cause I just got some really spicy games that I’m looking forward to trying!

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